6 Things I Wish I Knew At The Beginning of My Fitness Journey

1. Go in with a plan!

The first mistake I ever made was going to the gym without a plan! Whats the saying fail to prepare be prepared to fail? The best thing you can do is get someone to tailor a plan or program for you – that way you know exactly what your doing next.

2. Don’t be scared of lifting weights!

Ladies lifting weights is NOT going to make you bulky & muscly (women simply do not have enough testosterone for this!) It’ll help build curves in all the right places – because having a big booty is all the rage these days!

Exercise that stimulates muscle growth is what helps us to burn fat more effectively & the more muscle you have the more efficient the body becomes at burning fat!

3. Don’t let your workout take too long

I used to work-out twice a day & spend 2 hours at a time completing a leg session & well let me tell you its not going to make you see results any faster!

Go in & get it done. Simple. You can box off an effective work-out in 45-60 minutes that doesn’t take up too much of your day.

4. Consistency is King!

One of the biggest down falls for myself!

Once you’ve got a plan/coach stick at it – be consistent – give it time. Results don’t happen over night (believe me its taken 3 years to see proper results).

Your never going to see real results 1 week in to a plan, in my opinion 4-6 weeks minimum you’ll start to see real results & then then you’ll be hooked!

5. Track your progress!

Do not rely on scale weight alone as this will have you down in the dumps some days!

So number 1 take progress pictures and compare these over the coming weeks because I guarantee you’ll feel like you haven’t progressed until you do some comparison pictures – no one sees the little changes when you loom at yourself in the mirror daily.

Number 2 invest in a tape measure and take measurements every week so you can see the measures slowly declining!

6. Follow the 80/20 rule!

What’s that saying ? You cant outwork a bad diet !

Your not going to see results very fast if your eating crisps & cookies all day. Make the small changes and incorporate healthy snacks into your diet daily & control your portion size !

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