Why I Came Off The Contraceptive Pill

Contraceptive pill blister pack hanging from line on pink backgr

Oh no the taboo subject of periods & contraception – ladies there is no need to be embarrassed!

It was only two years ago that it dawned on me that I had been taking the contraceptive pill for 25% of my life. At 22 years of age I had been taking the pill for 5 and a half YEARS! and leaving it behind was the best thing I ever did .

Let’s start at the beginning – when I was 15/16 and had mild acne, oily skin, oily hair, you name it I was going through a rough patch of puberty. I was prescribed numerous creams & antibiotics to which none of these worked and as a last resort I started the ‘pill’.

I was prescribed Dianette, which is a contraceptive pill mainly used to help treat bad  problematic skin & excess hair growth (I did not have this). The two main ingredients contained are cyproterone acetate and ethinylestradiol; cyproterone acetate is used as an anti androgen (androgens are male hormones which are also found in women – excess androgens cause oily skin, acne, hair growth) and ethinylestradiol is a synthetic form of oestrogen which works as the contraceptive part of the pill.

After a few months my skin had cleared up & the pill was like a little miracle and therefore I continued to take it for the next 5 years because this is what my doctor said is okay?! And who was I to question a doctors opinion!

It wasn’t until I turned 22 & met my boyfriend that I started wondering what the pill was actually doing to my body – and in theory I was putting false hormones inside myself without knowing the real effects. When I did some research and compared women who already have oestrogen taking excess synthetic oestrogen it’s the same as men taking steroids (testosterone) when they already have testosterone present in their bodies.

I also noticed that I had head aches most days, I struggled to loose weight even though i was busting my ass in the gym daily & I was moody/irritable (which is defo not me!)  It was then that I decided I had to stop taking these ‘magic little pills’.

The journey after stopping the pill HAS NOT  been easy but it’s a decision I’m so happy I made (I’ll save the post pill journey for another blog).

I am by no means saying that you should NOT take some form of contraception but I urge you ladies to look into non-hormonal methods more such as the copper coil.

Ladies please comment and tell me your views on the pill & your own personal experiences with deciding to ditch the pill or to stay on it!


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