My Personal Health & Fitness Journey

Lets start at the beginning when I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing when I walked in the gym. I’d walk in – look around – be intimidated by the weights area – and make a quick dash for a cardio machine. After all i was still exercising right?

When I look back 5 years at the cardio bunny I once was I wanted to quit everyday because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted & that’s because I had no idea what I was doing.

I trialled diet after diet whether that be Keto, No Carbs, Raw Foods, Paleo.. you name it & I’d probably tried it! And whilst i did loose abit of weight here and there I was not happy and I certainly wasn’t healthy.

This is where the real story starts – I joined a new gym where I hired a personal trainer with my friend. He’d put us through weight sessions & provided a meal plan and miraculously I started to see some results! However I began to realise that I would count every calorie & every macro that i put in my mouth – yes i was getting in better shape but after a couple of years I found that my body was insanely stressed & my head was tired of being ruled by calorie counting.

Fast forward to now … I’ve made BIG changes – I don’t do tonnes of cardio, I enjoy weight training 5 days a week, I follow an 80/20 rule with my food where 80% of the time I eat whole nutritious foods & 20% of the time I enjoy a treat/meal out/cake but no foods are labelled good or bad.

I have still made progress & I’m so happy with the results I’ve achieved physically but mentally I’m in such a positive place – I go out for dinners, I order take-out, I socialise, I sometimes enjoy a cocktail or two & you know what I’m happy with the balance I’ve finally managed to achieve.




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